Product Description that Sell Great! Complete Guide on Writing Product Descriptions

How to write product descriptions that sell great

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When surfing or searching online, every customer is looking for that one product that perfectly fits his needs. While some people look at the images of the product and decide if they want to buy it or not, most people read the product descriptions to decide if it is really worth it.

For this reason, one should go to that extra mile to write product descriptions that will surely compel the user to buy the product.

What is a product Description?

what is a great product description

Product description includes the features and benefits of a product that allows the user to know what it exactly is. The goal of a product description is to persuade a customer to buy a product by providing him all the information that he needs. The better it is, the more compelled the user will be to buy the product.

How should you write a product description that sells?

Like most things, writing a good product description does not depend on just one factor. There is a list of techniques you can apply and tips you can follow that will help you create influential content that will incline the customers into buying what you are selling.

In this article, we have compiled all the tips that you can follow to write product descriptions that sell.

Picking the Right Power Words

Using influential words help a lot in capturing the attention of the user. These power words are used to persuade a customer by triggering a psychological or emotional reaction. This technique is used by most marketers to engage and influence a potential buyer. Here is a small list of such words that will really help in enticing a customer and getting more sales.

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Sensational
  • Hurry
  • Introducing
  • Challenge
  • Amazing
  • Startling
  • Miracle
  • Offer
  • Magic
  • Easy
  • Revolutionary
  • Quick
  • Bargain
  • Wanted
  • Remarkable
  • Compare
  • Improvement

Honesty and Transparency

The best trick to increase the number of sales is being honest about what you are selling. When a product description tells exactly what the product is, the customers are satisfied with the purchase. Not only do they return to buy more from your products, but they also leave good reviews and recommendation.

This is how honest and transparent descriptions end up generating good reviews, which result in more people buying the same product.

Make Unique Content to Reach Out to Customers

While it may seem easy to just copy the description of similar products as yours from the internet, it leaves a poor impression. If you really want more customers buying your product, think thoroughly and create unique content that will tempt the potential customer into buying your product.

Uniquely describing your products in an unusual way is bound to attract more customers.

Do Not use Incomplete Information

Any person who reads product descriptions is expecting complete and accurate information. You must describe in detail what the product is, it’s features and benefits to tell the customer exactly what to expect from it. Complete information makes the customer trust a product more.

Accuracy is a very important factor. If you give out false information and the person does not receive what he is expecting, you will end up losing customers and your brand credibility as well.

Simple and Understandable

Details, accuracy, and completeness have their own place. But if you create content that is difficult to understand for the user, the presence of the former three things makes no difference. If a user is unable to get the gist of what you are trying to sell, there is a very little chance that he will buy it.

People rarely take chances while buying online. Hence, you must make sure that you portray the information in a way that is easy and simple, that any person of any age is able to comprehend it.

Do your Audience Research and Define the Buyer

Once you know who you are selling a product to, it becomes easier to decide the way product information needs to be portrayed. For example, the language or tone you use while selling to a teenage girl will be a lot different than the one you use to sell a product to a grown man.

Research and study the norms of your audience and define a generic profile of a potential buyer. This will help you decide what and how you will write your product description to tempt more customers to buy it.

Make it Detailed but Not Redundant

Detail is important, but no one likes redundancy. Even if there are fewer features or benefits to describe, stick to this rule. A customer will easily get bored by reading the same thing over and over again and is more likely to leave the page without making a purchase. However, if you keep the description to the point, highlighting all the main things and avoiding repetition, it will be more effective and will increase the selling rate.

Content Optimization for Search engines

Having your products at the top rankings of search engines definitely helps in increasing the number of visitors on your website and increased sales. No matter how good your content is if it is not optimized as per search engine guidelines, getting organic traffic will be much harder.

Less organic traffic means less number of customers and fewer sales. Follow SEO guidelines to optimize your content to increase the number of sales.

Use One Template for all Your Product Descriptions

Before writing the product page descriptions, create and test different templates for it first. Use different lengths, formats, structures, etc. and then select the best one out of it.

Use that one template for the description of all your products. This creates a more professional look and leaves a good impression of the visitor. Good site experience also leads to more sales.

Good quality images

Attractive images are as important as quality content. Only text without images seems dull and is bound to bore the user into leaving the page. However, if you add good quality images of your product, paired with effective descriptions, it will tempt the potential customer into buying the product.

But do remember that the images you add must show exactly what the product looks like. Using false images will disappoint the customer when he receives the product. and it will lead to bad reviews and end up ruining your brand reputation.


Following one practice of writing descriptions will not help you in achieving the goal of more sales. You must combine different tips and techniques to write good quality product descriptions. This will surely help you increase the conversion rate and the number of sales.

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