How to Win Back An Abandoned Cart

abandoned cart

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shopping cart, abandonment. person,There’s no surprise to know that 67. 75% of all online shopping carts are left in between. What if your eCommerce website falls under these? Would you still spare time on designing landing pages and pricing strategies? The bottom line of the story is even more heartrending, where 7 out of every 10 people abandon their shopping cart at the last stage. Depressing! Is it. Even in the last 5 years, the eCommerce industry stats reveal that 73.76% shoppers left their cart from the final checkout.

The truth is, online retailers are losing a huge amount of money just because of this cart abandonment. We’ve discussed the abandonments. Now, let’s talk about why online shoppers do such an unusual behavior. What compels the online visitors to leave the landing page without completing an action?

Why does Cart Abandonment happen?

Developing an understanding that why people leave cart from your eCommerce store isn’t easy. There are a couple of factors which can play their role effectively to pull visitor back. Moreover, if we segregate the reasons then the first one that stands out is the hidden costs associated with your website.

Let’s see this from a customer’s perspective.

You land on some website and all of a sudden, a product draws your attention. After filling the lengthy forms, and laborious shipment forms, you somehow land on final checkout page. All of sudden you notice that price gets change due to shipment and other charges. What would you do? Would you still go on to order that product? Maybe not. However, there are several factors controlling which can play an integral role in the shopping cart abandonments.

Here’s an infographic that highlights the notable measures for controlling abandoners to go.

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