Why Video Marketing is Important?

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Videos are taking all over the world. Whether the business is on a large scale or it is at a smaller scale, it is taking an advantage of video marketing. Taking a look at historical statistics, it will reveal to us that the demand for this phenomena is rising. Why do you think businesses invested as huge as $5.4 billion for videos? Of course, the importance of videos is there. At one end or another, all we want is to engage our visitors and want to get those visitors to the leads.

Why do you think we should not add videos? Let us tell you that among all search queries, videos appear 14% of internet search results. That’s not all, even the products that have a video with them tend to generate more sales as compared to those that has not. Wondering why? The reasons are, the better engagement and increased conversion.
Still got doubts about the importance of videos? Ask yourself a question. When was the last time you went to Youtube o Vimeo? One day ago? Or two days may be?

Like every other year, the eCommerce trend observers of Tibilli.NET believe that video marketing will keep on doing well even in 2017 too.  And if you are not sure that what do we mean? then here’s an infographic for you to help.

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