Why Big Brands Are Taking Shift from Custom to Ready Made E-Commerce Platforms

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Ever since the term e-commerce evolved, it has fastened a lot of businesses into its fascination. The concept of WWW introduced by Time Berner’s Lee has now taken a whole new shape. No one had an idea the e-commerce world we see today will get this much shift. The businesses that once used to be in the form of brick and mortar are now seen online. Long short, the volume of e-transactions solely in the US is about to cross 138 billion dollars by 2018. And these are all the blessings of e-commerce website software.

Call it ready-made e-commerce platform or personalized e-commerce platforms. These advancements have changed things a lot. The trend of having custom online stores is now moved on to another phase. Even the big brands using these platforms are now taking shift toward the latest e-commerce platforms.

Ever wondered why people, as well as some of the big brands, are taking their shift from hard-coded e-commerce platforms to something easy? Well, there are a number of reasons for that and we won’t mind telling you a few of these.

Latest E-Commerce Platforms Are Way Easier to Manage

Call it or not, these are the ready-made e-commerce website software making things simple. Using these platforms, business owners can easily manage things. Enhanced and embedded reporting within these forms enable businesses to do things easily. Contrary to this, in custom-built or hard-coded platforms, managing things wasn’t this much easier. In order to dig-deep one having technical knowledge was mandatory.

Setting up a website is Quick

When was the last time you met a team of high-end developers that demanded a lot of time and money to develop you a system that fits your needs?

That’s not the case with moderns CMS Platforms. In today’s world. having your own website is easy. With new CMS platforms like Shopify, WordPress or Tibolli, You can make your website with just a simple click of a button.

You don’t need tons of programming experience or a team of developers to make your business website. These CMS Tools give you a simple easy to understand user experience and help you build your website in only a few minutes.

Ready Made e-commerce Platform Helps in Reducing Costs

Think of all the effort that people do to set up a custom-built e-commerce platform. All the costs involved and all the efforts. Do you think, it’s that easy? Obviously, it is not. Having a custom-built platform that matches all your requirements need a lot of time and efforts. However, for any business, time and money are the only things that need optimization. Which is why e-commerce website software like Tibolli.NET are in dominance. Using these channels, it is quite easy to build the desired e-commerce store and that of within very limited budget.

Lots of extra features that you never know you actually need

These modern CMS Platforms are packed full of features that are especially focused to help the business owners expand their business and give ease to their customers for the best shipping experience. These CMS platforms are regularly working on developing new features, tools, and plugins for the business owners every day. the best part is that the business owner does not have to think about what he might need. Some of the brightest brains are already working and testing out features for them.

Tested and a lot More Stable

As we mentioned above, Some of the brightest brains at these CMS platforms are continuously working on improving their systems for their users. Similarly, these systems are tested at so many levels so regularly that you don’t get to find any bugs at all. even if you do, you get an update soon enough that it does not affect your business.

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