Top Languages Used For Building eCommerce Platforms

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languages used by eCommerce website builders, The fast paced life of mankind has reshaped many things. From the gigantic Univac and ENIAC machines to an unprecedented Artificial Intelligence like SIRI, CORTANA and JARVIS have taken up the things. These technological advancements have impacted mankind in a way that we now want to do things on our fingertips. Unlike past decades, we now see more traffic to online stores. If we compare online shoppers with the traditional brick and mortar stores then the results are amazing. This could be the only reason that helped so many tech zealots to engage themselves in developing eCommerce platforms for users.

From ordering pizza to buying property and from making reservations to playing with the stock. The majority of the activities are now taking place online. By looking at the previous shopping patterns and gigantic sales of Black Friday 2016 and of Cyber Monday, it is no hard to believe that eCommerce website software is playing its role dramatically.

We all know the available eCommerce website builders but never thought that how these came into existence. What are the tools and languages that have been used while developing these cart platforms? So without dragging details any further, let’s see the famous eCommerce platforms and languages used by these.


The first one in the row, Java is a high-level programming language that takes 23.8% of the eCommerce platforms. Why platforms use JAVA? there are many reasons, however, the best ones are:-

  • It is easy to write
  • This programming language is easy to compile and debug
  • It also allows to create modular programs and reuse the code


Why do you think the majority of the shopping cart platforms are using Python? many reasons are there. Walk over to a Python developer with the same question that why he loves this language and you will come across with the answers like:-

  • Python has a clean and flawless syntax
  • Extensive libraries of Python makes it easy for the developers to play around with the things.
  • Right after PHP, Python is the only language whose Object Oriented Programming support is idea

Ruby on Rails

Ruby is to Rails as PHP is to Symfony and Zend or Python is to Django. The best thing about programmers does not require to spend a lot of time in configuring files for setups. Other than this RESTful the emphasis of this on RESTful application design while it follows the convention of Agile based web development. There’s no surprise to wonder that around 11% of the whole eCommerce platforms have been using Ruby.

Other than the above-mentioned list, there are many other languages developers use to build shopping cart platforms. All it depends on what entice the users and what fits best to their clients.


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