Successful Online Entrepreneurs Who Started With Nothing

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There’s always a debate that, to build the dynasty, one should be born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Believe it or not, but this thing now seems no more than a fairy tale. If someone asks me that, what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneurs, then I will reply them, “A Will.” Did it put you into the jeopardy? But, this is the most sophisticated and evolving answer to the most traditional question. If you aren’t satisfied with the answer and find it ambiguous, then let’ take a look at Successful online entrepreneurs. Instead of getting involved into ifs and then, they started pursuing their goals without making any delays.

Mark Zuckerberg

Possibly, you could be thinking that why we kept Mark at the top, so let’s be fair enough that he is the youngest billionaire who runs the world’s largest social networking website. The story does not end up here, after Google, Zuckerberg’s Facebook is the second most visited website in the world. Moreover, the successful journey of this Mark among online entrepreneurs has much more destinations to cover.

Matt Mullenweg

WordPress is no more than a paradise for the bloggers. Bloggers use this free open source platform to attract web traffic to their site. They do so by running their own PBN’s. We all have been using this incredible platform for years and years, but did you ever wish to know that who is the man behind this great platform? So let’s tell you that Matt Mullenweg is the guy behind this concept. At times, Matt got an offer of 250, 000,000 for his company that he turned down.

Jeff Bezos

We have been selling and buying things on Amazon over many years. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon believes that having the company with a net worth of 69.9 billion isn’t a piece of cake. He believes that to win the race among successful online entrepreneurs; one needs dedication, hard work, commitment and much more.

Jeff Taylor

As a CEO of DEVISE, Jeff, believes that people have a lot of ideas. However, the only thing that can turn the ideas into the success is the importance of taking actions immediately. Taking a look at Jeff’s 7 figure’s website, and the ups and downs of Colonel Sander – The owner of KFC, we can easily say that instead of waiting for the right occasion, we should start instant.

Steve Rendell

Steve, the guy who holds the badge of Texfly. Heard about the Texfly? If not, ask from the SEO and PBN lovers, and they will make you amaze by telling the awesomeness of this useful thing. Rendell made his successful online entrepreneurial journey by offering an online resource for people who are keen to create profitable niche websites.

Sridhar Vembu

No one ever knew that the company founded with the name of AdventNet in 1996 would become the most innovative online application provider under the name of Zoho. Sridhar’s worked with Qualcomm, Inc, provided him an opportunity to work with some of the leading minds in wireless communications.

David Karp (The Man behind Tumblr)

Would you rather wish to be the CEO of a company that has a value of more than 800 million dollars? All of us want to. However, it’s not that simple at all. After all, it takes a lot of courage and a will to do so. David in his early days of 20 had been an online entrepreneur for the world’s successful microblogging platform.

Matt Mickiewicz

Matt created his first website at the age of 14 with the name of webmaster resource. The successful online entrepreneurial journey of Mickiewicz helped him in getting many badges. However, 99designs and Flippa (the largest marketplace for buying and selling websites in the world) are the ones that make him stand out from the crowd.

Jam Koum

Migration for the sake of earning a livelihood is a good thing. No one ever knew, not even Koum himself, that coming along to U.S. from Ukraine will bring revolutionary change into his life. Those were the days when the co-founder of Whatsapp once lived on food stamps. In 2009, Koum and the co-founder, Brian Acton launched WhatsApp.

What if I Want to be One of These?

Well, who’s stopping you? The only line that draws a difference between can and to be is ” Do it” The moment, you start doing things and realizing the potential within you is the moment, you start achieving your dreams. And if you’re passionate enough and loaded with ideas then share it with us and Tibolli.NET would love to help you in realizing your dreams.

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