Reasons Your eCommerce Website Isn’t Making Any Sales

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In the fast paced eCommerce website builders setting up an online store is not that hard as it was. All we need is an active internet connection, few products, a captive yet engaging domain and the right platform. Sometimes, after setting up an eCommerce website, we simply launch it and expect that we will start getting orders all of a sudden. We keep on waiting, without even looking at that what’s causing our store not generating sales or even the first sale.

On and off this happens with all of us. Whether, there’s a new online entrepreneur who just started taking the leap of faith or this is an expert, we all commit mistakes. And if you got your eCommerce website and not ready to accept the fact then here are the signs indicating that you are doing something wrong.

timer gif, 321,You Rush to Launch

Haste makes waste! Right, though! But for eCommerce website owners, that’s the rule of thumb. No doubt, we all want to do things with the blink of an eye. The abruptness to see website live, we generally do not want to wait long and make things live.

In order to do things fast, we totally forget the downsides for doing things half-way. So before taking things live, it’s better to do thorough in-house testing. Once, you are done with each and everything and are confident, you should only then make your site live.

Forget to Add Product Descriptions

Making an eCommerce website and not adding product descriptions is, as you are swimming in the dust’s ocean. Wondering why is the content important? It’s because your users would like to know that what are key points of your product? How will they get benefit from it? So to make your site look like professional and to increase the chances of its sale, it’s important to add the product descriptions.

Forget to Add High-Resolution Images

Not all but new eCommerce website owners are too enthusiast to take an early start. All they know is, to start, start and a start. They simply forget that compelling and high-resolution images can prove a key factor for their business success. They either simply upload the thumbnail size image or of the size that doesn’t fit enough.

Some Businesses Will Pay No Heed To Search Engines

There are online businesses that think that spending time over the sitemaps and other related things are of no use. Once they launch their website and then months over months, you will not see any update from them. However, if making website live was the only thing to generate business then sites wouldn’t have been producing blogs and content. The website owners, wouldn’t have hired digital marketing and SEO teams. These online businesses wouldn’t have spent a huge sum for AdWords and PPC.

video blogging, They Think Video Isn’t Their Cup of Tea

The websites that contain videos of their product tend to sell more as compared to those that is not paying attention to it. Why do you think videos of your products are important? These are because videos tend to appear 14% in Internet Search Results.  Type anything in Google and chances are you will at least come up with a video. Setting aside search engines, even 69% of consumers think video explains the product better. In case, you want your online store to dominate the eCommerce industry then give yourself a try with the product videos and then see compare the pre and post results.

Be Social by Getting Involved on Social Channels

Some online store owners think that spending time on the Facebook and other social channels are just a waste of time. However, we believe that those eCommerce websites may not be aware of with the growing importance of social commerce. So tell you seriously, getting an eStore only won’t bring you a key of success on your doorstep. For sure, these are amalgamated efforts that ensure, your eCommerce website will succeed.

And there’s a number of other factors too that can draw the difference between success and failure of any business.

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