Marketing your business using Social Media – Things you should do for a successful campaign

Social media marketing for businesses

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For an eCommerce business, the right usage of social media can be a promising factor for growing sales. In fact, effective social marketing illustrates real substance in terms of money. Why do you think, eCommerce business using social media marketing in the right way can outrank others?

Well, social networks are actually the convenient means for the eCommerce business owners to reach out to new prospects. In this post, we are going to share with you how you can market your business on social media to get more customers.

Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are some of the emerging names. With the growing popularity of these channels, every person is looking for the right content and the right channel to engage themselves.

This is now your chance to know, how do you use it and what channel do you hit to capture your intended audience. This is just a single flip of the coin. Whereas, the number of worldwide social media users reach 2.5 Billion by 2018 and growing rapidly.

And honestly speaking, no one would like to miss such an opportunity to reach out to that masses.

Before we actually start with marketing, we need to come up with a strategy

Coming up with a killer social media marketing strategy

Planning social media marketing campaign

Simply posting on social media networks is not enough to make you your business succeed online. The larger networks are now more focused towards showing content to users who are more likely to be interested in it even if you go with the paid ad campaign.

And that is calculated by how much your post receives engagements.

If it’s not worth engaging users, it’s probably not worth showing to the users.

There was a time when you could just post regularly and you will appear in people’s newsfeeds. But things now have changed. You now need to produce content that would encourage users to engage with you.

Think of the “Japanese Jiggly cake” campaign that started and went viral overall social media platforms.

Another example of a successful campaign is “What color is the dress?” the simple question went so viral that it started fascinating every other including the psychologist and celebrities too.

So, it’s more rationale to align your content properly instead of just dumping it over your social profiles.

What Kind of Content Grabs the most attention on social media?

Here are a few types of content that people love to engage with

  • Statistics – Providing a statistical report about your industry
  • Humor – Everyone loves humor and if your posts have it you are going to have a lot of engagements and followers
  • Emotions – Posts that trigger emotions are a great way to grab attention, just keep in mind to do it strategically.
  • Video Content is Killing it! – Yes, we said it, an interesting 20 – 30 seconds video telling an interesting story or facts about your product or industry can really help you engage more audience and video content gets 40% more shares then image content.
  • Informative posts and Guides – If you know what your audience is looking for, a blog about providing a valid and authentic solution to their problem is the way to go.

Selecting the Right Social Media Marketing Platform

Selecting the right social media platform to market your business

When marketing your business on social media, it is important to keep track of where your audience is hanging out. For example, if you are in the recruitment niche and you want to generate leads, then Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook might not be the right platform for you. In that scenario, you should consider looking at LinkedIn and business networks instead.

Perform a social media audit and see how each one is performing well and figure out why. Understand what social media platform your audience is using and put your efforts on those channels.

Simply dumping content on all social media platforms will not do any good.

Analyzing your Competition

Performing a competitive analysis can save you from a lot of work in the long run. Bring in a healthy list of competitors who are offering the same products or services in your industry. See what they are doing and try to provide better content for your audience.

Reengineering your competitor’s social media marketing strategies is a great way to understand what your audience is more interested in.

Promote your business using Paid Advertisements

There were days when you could build brand awareness without investing that much on social channels. Probably, those were the days when we used to wrap ourselves with the leaves. In the current era, free marketing on social sites; not anymore.

In case, you want to advertise your business or want to reach more and more potential customers, you will have to invest funds for marketing eCommerce business using social media marketing.

The more you spend on these channels, more are the chances of better exposure. Social networks and paid advertising go hand in hand.

There are much more benefits of having paid social campaigns. Want to know some of these? Let’s get a ride!

Targeted Audience

The biggest advantage you can have through paid social advertisement is to get to the targeted audience.

While using paid advertisement, you can narrow down your audience based on their interests, their age or even the Geo-locations. Facebook offers a great tool for selecting your audience based on interests.

Creating a buyer persona beforehand and using target marketing tools are great to reach the most relevant audience and keep your budget aligned.

Remarketing Using Facebook Pixel

Remarketing is one of the best and most effective social media marketing techniques out there.

Facebook Pixel is a great tool that offers you to save a custom audience that you can remarket later in your campaign. It gives you a small piece of code that is embedded on your landing page.

Anyone who visits that landing page either from paid or organic channel is then saved in your custom audience and you can use that information to run ads to these prospects who are already interested in your business.

As they have previously visited your page, remarketing them with offers can help them convert more easily.

Video Advertisement

Talking about successful social media marketing campaigns, Videos are of great importance. A message conveyed through video gets more engagement as compared to the plain text message. Our research desk also believes that a post or the content that contains visuals in it tends to generate 53% more sales as compared to the plain text.

Be Unique and Interesting

A large number of businesses are there that will mainly rely on the copied content. They will completely forget that this can hurt their brand’s image. In case you want to stand out from the crowd by not being a copycat, then produce unique yet effective content.

Let Your Customers Know That You Are A Human – Conversation

Your customers want to talk to you and not to your automated messages. Until you won’t get in touch with them, you will not come to know what they want. What are their grievances or feedback about your product or services? We believe that for any successful social media campaign, staying alive and responding n time and appropriately is important.

Socialize, Not Sell

Social Media platforms are meant for socializing with people and while you are designing your social media marketing plan for your business, keep in mind not to be a salesperson.

Instead, communicate with your prospects and a way that you don’t sell them directly.

Be active and consistent

For any social media campaign, the businesses that don’t maintain consistency, die in the very initial days. Furthermore, it’s proven that 8 out of every ten eCommerce websites will have their social accounts. Whereas, out of these 8 only 3 will have a proper plan and actionable strategy. Moreover, the majority of the businesses, post their content just as to keep their social pages active. These businesses haven’t got any content calendar nor do they plan things properly.

Your social audience wants to hear from you on a regular basis. They follow you with a hope that you will fill up their dashboard or browser with something interesting. But your continuous silence will make them desperate and your social following will start declining with the passage of time.

Measure Success

Running social media marketing campaign and then leaving it on the Lord’s mercy isn’t a good practice. It’s important that you should set funnels and conversion goals of your campaign.

You should then measure the performance of your ongoing goals with the already set ones. By this, it becomes quite easy for you to evaluate our performance and the ROI of your social media campaign.