How to Get More Followers on Your Social Profiles?

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Looking back just a decade reveals that social channels have gone through a lot of changes. The simplest interfaces of Yahoo Chat Groups, the MSN Messenger are now far behind. From sending that personal IM request and friend request to follow, we can see a lot of new changes and developments.

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On the other end, follower count is deemed as one of the notable and appreciable things. Whether, this is a small business or large, the importance of social platforms and the engagements is important.

But the question that comes next to our mind is, how to get more followers? What are some promising ways that can assure that your profile or page will set an example for others? Long story short, there are different success stories that exist regarding the success. Each of these got their own strategies and techniques to do things.

Let’s see some of the proven hacks that can rest assure that your follower’s count will rise.

Quality and the Quantity – Walk Side By Side

We all want to keep our followers count. However, there’s need to make sure that it is not that simple as it needs a lot of efforts and experiments. Says “James John.” I know how hard it was for me to get first 1000 followers on my twitter account. I had an option to go for paid or to get organic, I chose the lateral one. I always believed that if I build my audience organically then it will never be hard for me to get things going.

Often business pages or profiles do not dedicate the dedicated time to social channels. They will just post one or two posts in a day. Even in some cases, they just make their presence alive but forget about engagements.

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Setting aside the quantity aspect, if you keep on posting after every hour and your content is not worthy then it is of no use. Sharing and re-posting are fine. However, doing so each time identifies that you haven’t got anything original with you. You are just the copy cat and your ultimate objective is to fill your feed and not to bring something enticing for your users.

Optimize Your Social Page and Profile Properly

social media optimization, Admittedly, there are a number of social profiles that are no more than just an email. Log on these and you will see neither an image nor any other information. Having an incomplete social profile is not a good omen for any business at all.

Why is that?

Social profiles of your business are brand ambassadors as you’ve been coordinating with people by using these. It is, therefore, important that you should equip these properly. By doing so, your users will get to know that they are not interacting with the ghost or that these profiles are not a scam at all.

Let People Know That You Are Alive

Say you bought some stuff from an online store and got some issues with the stuff. You want to return the thing but found that there’s no way to coordinate other than an email. You get on to their social page and leave a message. It’s been a whole long week by anticipating that you will get a reply. You keep on waiting and then land on with the disparity by getting no message for another week too.

How would you feel? Will you recommend that store to someone else? So when you’re social, make sure that you interact with the people. You respond their queries and get back to them in time.

Be an Informer as well as Meformer At the Same Times

Mor Naaman, Jeffrey Boase, Chih-Hui Lai from Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information believes that only 20 percent of us are informers on social media. Whereas the remaining 80% share only stories or posts related to them. These researchers also analyzed that informers tend to have more followers and engagements as compared to other ones. From

From this useful research, the importance of sharing information is evident. If you keep on posting same stories and do not introduce anything new then your audience will start losing interest and will leave your profile.

Feed Your Followers What They Want

People follow brands and personalities on social profiles because these add value to them. These brands and celebrities curate the best possible content and present it to their followers.


People using social channels are always looking for discounts, coupons, some latest buzz, and trends. It is, therefore, important that you should pay heed to their needs and bring content that can prove a good source to them.

Is There Anything More?

For sure, there are as many as hundred and thousands of ways to get more and more followers on your social profiles. We’ve mentioned few of these that works extremely well for any business, irrespective of the fact that is large or small.


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