Everything You Need to Know for Avoiding Customer Complaints

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Is there any business model that would let their client grumble? But customer complaints are part of business life. Hardly, there would be any business that can eliminate customer complaints at all.

customer complaints, smileysWhat comes to mind is, how do we stop customer complaints? Is there any magic wand that we can whip to come over this thing? For sure, there are a couple of things, considering which can reduce the chances of customer complaints.

Before getting to our main points, we’ve tried to compile the common source of customer complaints. What are some points that draw a difference line between the happy and an angry customer? It’s also important to mention that complaints can be a useful tool to align business goals. It also helps in identifying the areas that need improvement.

So let’s dive out to find out that why customers complain?

What Leads Customer to Complain?

Customers complain when they feel unsatisfied. The dissatisfaction can be for many reasons. Maybe your customers did not get the service, they were expecting from you or possibly, the product was not as defined. In case, you got an online store, then the possibility could be late product arrival. The scenarios could be different for different businesses.

For a business person, it is important to foresee all such scenarios and to pull an opportunity from it. The one who sees and opportunity in the problem always take lead.

The Most Common Reasons for Customer Complains

As mentioned earlier, there are a large number of reasons that can leave customers dissatisfied. However, we will only focus the key issues that prove a bone of contention between the angry and the happiest mood.

promises breaking, Not Keeping Promises

Your customers want their expectations to be fulfilled. Sometimes, in order to attract customers, the company will keep building castles in the air. The CSR of the company will leave no stone turned to have that customer. Once you order the product upon receiving the package, you come to know that this is not what you ordered.

You try to get back to them and a large requirement’s sheet takes on you. How would you react? Would you be happy? For sure, the aggression and the dissatisfaction will take on you.

Poor Customer Service

poor customer service, These are the customers that drive your business. The more you pay heed to them, the more you will get successful. Failing in providing proper customer service may put you at the risk of customer loss. Why do you think, websites have live chat? Why do businesses dedicate customer care departments? So it’s important to understand that customer service is important.

When a business only relies on voice menus and auto call answers, it annoys customers. Your customers want to talk to the real people and not the machines. Make sure, they get an answer to all their questions efficiently and humbly.

Tossing From One Person to Another

The worst thing that customer hates is, considering them a ping pong ball. The sales rep or the CSR that keep on tossing the customers between one and the other ensures that he will prove a great reason for customer loss. However, here, this is not the staff that should account for but the business that hires such staff and then don’t train these.

Hidden Information and Costs

hidden charges, hidden, wall, chawlk,Truth endures, lie dies. True that! For businesses, it’s important that they should disclose all the information to their clients. Customers when get to know about any hidden information or terms and conditions, they then get angry. Businesses that do not play fair with their customers, tend to lose their customers. They don’t only lose their customers but leave a legacy behind. This legacy then keeps on going for a longer time span. It adds on more and more to the company’s defame.

Haphazard Store Layout

I don’t know where do I start? Well, this happens. Whether this is a traditional brick and mortar store or it is an online store, the UI matters a lot. Things and ideas presented randomly can never draw the attention of your customer. Instead, these will let users think that you are either not professional or are not serious about your business.

Be Proactive and Not Reactive

In order to gain and retain the customer, the approach should always be proactive. We often hear the term that, it is useless to cry over spilt milk. So if you will answer customer’s enquiry after making them annoy, it may not work for you. So it’s always advised that you should respond them well in time.

Make Sure One Thing

When someone is complaining to you about your business, it means they care for you. They were not expecting this thing or behavior from you and want you to fulfill their expectations. These complaints or feedbacks aren’t for the businesses to pinpoint their weaknesses. Rather, these are the opportunities exploring which, you can revamp your business goals.

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