Dos and Don’ts of an ecommerce website

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tick, cross, do and don't From its early days, it was evident that the rise of the internet will do wonders. From those early days, where the sole purpose of eCommerce website owners was to list their product clearly and actively. Yet, as technology started taking over, the number of online shoppers, as well as the competition, started growing.

The never-ending competition, the ever-rising number of eCommerce websites have compelled sellers to provide the best possible services. No matter, how good is your product, how unique your selling point is, if your site sucks, you will probably lose customers.

The dedicated eCommerce researchers and trend observers of our team believe that 6 out of every 10 shoppers abandon their cart because of the complexity or bad design. Whether you are an eCommerce website owner or want to get your online store in the near future, here are some do’s and don’ts which will help you to get things going in a right direction.

Promising E-commerce Do’s for a Successful E-commerce Website

Add Detailed and Relevant Product Descriptions

Be it any shopping cart website or this is the marketplace, the emphasis over the content is getting high and the highest. Why is that? There are numerous reasons for it. Before buying any product online, buyers would always like to read the product descriptions. They would like to know about the dimensions, weight and much more. Say you want to buy a leather jacket. Would you simply visit a website and place an order? Would you not like to read the description?

Adding product description gives shopping cart websites more chances of a successful transaction. But, it’s equally important that information should be relevant and to the point. Writing Yeah Yeah statements will not contribute much to your online store but another abandoned cart.

Use Clear and High-Resolution Images

The first impression is the last impression. Right yeah! So why not to make first yet an everlasting impression by adding some cool and high-resolution images. Being a keen observer, it’s been witnessed that the products having clear and high-res images tend to get more sales as of to those that don’t have.

Search and Navigation should be organized

Poor search! Often left unaddressed by the eCommerce website owners or the developers. But truly speaking the importance of search and navigation is there. Easier the navigation of the website will be, the more it will be easy for the end user.

Don’t Forget to Include SSL Certificates in Your E-commerce Website

As announced in September, Chrome will notify users about the non-secure websites in their browser. The giant search engine has started cracking its whip over the non-secure websites. So if you are having an eCommerce website that is living over HTTP, it’s now time to turn it on https. There’s a general notion that online buyers show more inclination toward the sites that have https at the start of their URL.

Always Check the POWER

We call it POWER, the acronym for Petrol, Oil, Water, Electricity, and Rubber. For an eCommerce website owners, their store is more like a vehicle. A vehicle that can help them reach the destination only if its POWER is good. So before taking your website across the borders, it is important to scrutinize all the corners. Being an online entrepreneur, it’s important that you should check out the functionality of your website by full. Even a single broken link can be annoying for the user as well as for the search engine.

Last But Not the Least- Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is an integral part of a successful eCommerce website. For an online entrepreneur, it is important that the selected platform should be capable enough to handle future expansions. Moreover, business analysts of our team state that the admin panel should be simple and easy to use.

Mistakes to Avoid by the E-commerce Website Owners

Instead of Window Dressing Show the True and Fair View

Truth endures while the lie dies and so is the true for an eCommerce website too. Have we said something wrong? For sure no. The site owners who want to be rich over overnight by charging more and more shipping costs, soon bury their sites with their own hands. So it is better not to include shipment charges.

Moreover, people tend to buy more from the sellers who offer free shipping as compared to those that charge for the shipment.

Be Very Open in Your Policies

Instead of telling fairy tales and portraying the canvas, it’s better to present things simply. An online shopper will least buy from a site that has vague return policies. Moreover, it will also be in the best interest of a website.

Nothing Pleases A Customer More Than A Quick Response

It’s been here since ages and it shall be. The magic spell of active customer service shall always be there. The online stores that pay no heed to their customers tend to have more abandonment rate as of to those that are good in it. Moreover, there’s unanimity among the marketing gurus that

Avoid Writing Yeah Yeah Statements

Adding product description gives shopping cart websites more chances of a successful transaction. But, it is equally important that information should be relevant and to the point. Writing Yeah Yeah statements will not contribute much to your online store but another abandoned cart.

Triggering Massive Emails in Early Days Is Never Appreciated

Sometimes the overjoy of newbie online store owners take them away. In the pursuit of reaching more and more people and that of with the blink of an eye, they start triggering emails. These online entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the fact that bombarding too many emails in the early days can bring no good but a harm to the website.


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