Making a Great Landing Page That Converts Well – Best Landing Page Practices

a perfect landing page that converts well

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When it comes to converting visitors to potentials buyers, Landing page plays an important role. Therefore, it is essential to have a great looking landing page that encourages visitors to convert well. A good landing page can generate up to 8% more leads than an average landing page.

In this post, we will share come of the most important elements and characteristics of a high converting landing page and best practices.

Before we talk about what a great landing page looks like we need to understand what it is and why we use landing pages?

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page is simply a webpage that a visitor lands on after performing an action. That visitor might land on the page through organic search, paid ads, referred from another website, or can come from any other page on the website.

Do not confuse home page with the landing page as both pages have a different purpose. The home page is a hub for all the services or types of services/products or what that website has to offer and users have to decide on what they want to get.

Landing page, however, is more focused towards a single service offering or has one goal only. Usually landing pages offer a free trial, a subscription, downloadable link, or a product that a user can order right away. And the page revolves around that specific goal. That is “Getting Users to Convert”.

“A good Converting Website is the one with a killer layout and perfect landing pages”  – Ain ul Haq (SEO & CRO Expert)

On average, Good landing pages produce 47% more sales than a website’s home page

Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Landing Page for Highest Conversion Rate

perfect landing page infographic

1. Short and Sweet Headline

The Headline is the most important element of a perfect landing page. Wrap it around <h1> tags. Use to-the-point wordings in your heading that clearly explain what the page is about.

2. Secondary Headline to Support

Clear and interesting highlighted text can do a lot more than simple paragraphs filled with information. It’s better to grab the attention of the visitor with bold highlighted figures that clarify the user’s intentions and actions right away.

Once the visitors land on your page, you only have 3 – 7 seconds to grab their attention to the offering. Headings and subheadings are great to meet this goal.

3. There is no Room for Grammatical Mistakes

The Grammar and words you use on your landing page and the overall website need to be flawless and the tone of voice needs to be constant throughout.

The tone of voice you use has a great impact on the overall branding of your business.

Bad Grammar and spelling mistakes are to be avoided anyway as they have a huge negative impact on your brand credibility.

4. Clear Call to Actions

Call to actions are important for any page that focuses on visitors to take action. However, Call to actions on Landing Pages and Home pages both serve a different purpose.

Home page might have multiple call-to-actions but for a purposeful landing page, there should only be one clear CTA that guides the users about what they have to do next.

Having multiple buttons and links on a landing page can distract the visitor and decrease the chances of conversion.

Having only one CTA is a clear indicator of what next the user has to do.

Things to keep in mind while labeling your CTA button:

descriptive cta

  • It should never use direct words like “Submit”. Instead, Use natural language phrases that explain what the user has to do and what will happen. For example: “Get This Guide”, “Sign Me Up!”, “Start a Free Trial”.
  • Keep the button on an easily accessible location and make it prominent. Styling and using colors to highlight has a major impact in Click Through Rate

5. Make the Form as short and easy as Possible

use small input forms on landing pages

Some landing pages go crazy with adding multiple form fields that a user has to fill to get access. This discourages the visitors to take any further actions.

If you are planning to add the form directly in the landing page, then make sure to remove any unnecessary field and only keep the fields that are actually required by your marketing team. It’s best to just ask for a Name and Email in the first step to make the process quick and easy.

Avoid any information that a user may resist to provide or is not needed for your business followups.

6. Add Reviews & Trust Indicators

add reviews and testimonials in your landing page

There are 68% more chances of a visitor taking action if he finds the landing page trusted. And the best way to do that is to add reviews and testimonials. These are proven to grab attention and make the decision-making process a lot easier.

Display any reviews, ratings or things that can prove your authenticity to a new visitor. It may include displaying your partners, happy customers or achievements.

7. Remove any links that may distract the visitor

As mentioned earlier, landing pages should only serve one purpose and that is to convert the visitor into a customer or a lead.

So avoid any link leading to a different page or website to keep up the visitor’s attention on the landing page.

8. Try to keep the content above the Fold

Above the fold means you should display the useful information to the user on the screen up front. As there are less than 30% chances a user will scroll down for more information.

It’s better to have only the most relevant information above the fold and avoid any clutter.

9. Don’t go overboard with content

Having too much information also has a bad impact. So it is essential to have enough white spaces and still providing complete information upfront

Tip: Shortening the Header Section or completely removing the header from the landing page will give you more room. To play around with stuff.

10. Think Like a Customer

We can present a number of websites that won’t look anything more than a backyard of your house where you dispose of all unnecessary things. While designing a landing page, it’s important to think like a customer.

Before starting; ask yourself questions like, is it good? What if I apply this font? Will this color entice customers? Asking such questions will help you to have a better landing page.

A page that will actually gain attention and customers will appreciate.

11. Keep Testing Your Landing Pages

It is not possible to make 1 landing page and assume that it has the highest conversion rate. You should create 3 to 4 layouts for your landing pages and do A/B testing on them by keeping track on your visitor’s behavior and rearrange the content so.

Sometimes, having a mirror image of a page can also have a huge impact on the CTR.

You might consider using a heat map to track where your visitors spend most of their time and adjust according to increase the chances of conversion.

What Kind of Colors Should Be Used for a Great Landing Page?

Color psychology plays a vital role in a landing page as some colors give a sense of action that we in general day-to-day life do not notice. This small color guide can help you deciding what colors you should be used for your business and are more suitable for your perfect landing pages.


Impact: Optimistic and youthful

Yellow Color is Often used to grab attention. We all know that yellow color is the first one to be picked up by the eyes as compared to any other color.


Impact: Energy and Urgency

The red color is used to portray panic and urgency to take action. Often used by businesses to display their limited time offers and sales.


Impact: Calmness and Trustworthiness

The blue color is often used by Finance firms and banks as it provides the feeling of trust according to human psychology.


Impact: Wealth, strength and Trust

The green color is the easiest on the eyes and more suitable to a business that involves entertainment, fun or money management.


Impact: Aggressiveness

The orange color is known to be an attention grabber just like Yellow and is suitable for Call to Action buttons.


Impact: Feminine and Romantic

Pink color attracts mostly female audience mainly young teens or women. Best suitable for feminine products or baby products.


Impact: Bold, Sleek and Powerful

We don’t see black color being used on products very often but it is mostly used by Luxury brands targeting a very specific audience.


Impact: Soothing, Calm

Health care products and medical services are more likely to use purple as their base color

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